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Firmware Engineer

Posted on 

21 February 2022

Job Highlights:

Firmware Engineer for Consumer Electronics
IP Camera or related products development
Linux or RTOS platform experience

Job Description:

1. Mainly responsible for development of audio and video equipment based
on embedded Linux or RTOS platform
2. Responsible for the research and development of key technologies and
key modules of embedded software for IP Cam and Baby Monitor related
3. According to the product functions and requirements, complete the
framework and module design, implement functions of each module, and
ensure the development quality and progress
4. Technical support and development work, real-time tracking of project
progress and problem handling status


1. Degree holder or above in Computer Science, Electronic Information,
Communication Technology or equivalent
2. 3+ years of audio and video application development, or 5+ years of
embedded LINUX/RTOS kernel and application programming experience
3. Proficient in C language, pay attention to code performance and quality
4. Responsible for the design and development of project framework and
functional modules
5. Having in-depth research and development in a certain application field,
and independently handling deep-level problem solving in related
applications, such as WiFi related, audio and video codec
6. Follow strictly high quality standard in your own coding but adapt to
various coding styles in order to be consistent with the project team
7. Abilities to understand application scenarios and requirements of various
products, providing solutions, and unique insights to improve product
performance and user experience are preferred
8. With product testing mindset and not limited to simple function
9. Familiar with audio and video codec, TCP, RTSP, HTTP, MQTT and other
protocols are preferred
10. Familiar with HiSilicon or Anyka IP Cam's solution is preferrable
11. Able to work under pressure and team management experience is

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