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Product Development

5GenCare’s advanced PCBA solutions for baby and home monitoring products provides complete end- to-end capabilities from design and engineering manufacturing, test and supply chain management.

5GenCare’s PCBA innovation provides our customers the freedom to collaboratively create almost any size, shape, or complex advanced PCBA for their product and easily integrate them with 5GenCare platform.




Production Cost


Reduced Inventory
and Lead Times


Minimize Vendors


Sufficient Component


Development Process

Design and Engineering

Our expert team of designers can create a well-thought-out product design to build an easy-to-use product that helps to bring your ideas to life. We will develop physical prototypes that duplicate the product experience to ensure a seamless user experience.

Hardware and Firmware Development

5GenCare's system engineers will create the process of adding different types of connectivity to your product, such as Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and other connectivity options.


Our product design and engineering team works closely together to use innovative ways to prototype the idea before we initiate the development. It helps us analyze the user feedback quickly and improve the functionality, saving time and development cost.

Software Integration

We develop web/mobile-based applications to control IoT product functionality in real-time. Our custom software applications are hosted on the AWS IoT Hub that manage the monitoring, control, optimization and autonomous operation of the product functionalities.


Our team provides wide range of material options and composite parts manufactured by different suppliers to help you select the right one for your product.

Specification & Pricing

To know more about the product specification, feel free to get in touch with our technical team or download out catalogue by clicking on the link below.

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