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ChillaxCare Limited, the Hong Kong-based tech company behind the new baby and home monitoring brand ChillaxBaby and ChillaxHome, has partnered with 5GenCare to provide the end-to-end development of their new smart baby monitoring product line.



5GenCare team created a well-thought-out design for ChillaxCare that can be used as an individual product or as a bundle to monitor one or more children. The product consists of:

Giraffe Camera – A smart Wi-Fi baby monitor with flexible neck to get the best view of the baby.
Sleep Globe – A smart night light, sound machine & sleep trainer.
Video Parent Unit – A 4.3” handheld video parent unit to monitor your baby at home.
Portable Baby Soother – An audio monitor, portable night light & sound machine.

Our product design and engineering team worked closely together to use innovative ways to prototype the idea before we initiate the development. It helped us analyze the user feedback quickly and improve the functionality, saving time and development cost for both our team and the client.


5GenCare also provided the firmware SDK to ChillaxBaby products that allows developing custom user applications to run directly on the hardware and communicate both with the API and the hardware itself. We also developed the “ChillaxCare App” for iOS and Android, keeping the individual platform's requirement in consideration. The key app features include live video streaming, cloud recording, and baby tracker. The app also allows its user to set a danger zone alert as well as room temperature monitoring and sound & motion alerts.


During the entire development process, we have kept the ChillaxCare team in loop at every stage, giving them a preview of the product and app every time we crossed a new milestone. Following 5GenCare’s agile methodology, we were able to handle multiple parts of the product design and software development simultaneously


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