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Blog #1: Understanding 5GenCare Platform Security and its Benefits to Users.

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

September, 2021 - We’re all familiar with the traditional baby monitors, the ones that are using DECT technology transmitting voice within a short range, or to simplify, a walkie-talkie for parents and their babies. Now, there are WiFi baby monitors that record video, have built-in night lights, play lullabies and more. But how safe are these gadgets?

The truth is, though, that WiFi baby monitors can be hacked. These stories from around the U.S. confirm this terrifying fact:

How Is It Possible to Hack a WiFi Baby Monitor?

Practically any device that can access remotely can also be accessed by someone else. That includes WiFi baby monitors, which, in most cases, are connected to a home's WiFi network and thus to the Internet. As a remote access device, WiFi baby monitors stream data over the internet. Terrifyingly, this opens the door to almost anyone with a bit of knowledge and some basic hacking skills.

There are also ways to ensure baby monitors are as protected as possible.

  1. Create a strong password for your home network.

  2. Change your WiFi password regularly.

  3. Never share your password with anyone.

  4. Update baby monitor's hardware and software regularly.

  5. Only purchase a baby monitor that uses encryption for safety.

  6. Choose a baby monitor brand that puts security first.

However, there are available platforms such as 5GenCare that offers multiple layers of security.

The 5GenCare platform is engineered with several layers of built-in security standards to block potential hackers. It is equipped with bank grade encryption for live video streaming, and on top of that, we implement a proprietary mathematical 2 keys end-to-end encryption algorithm to safeguard data transmission, this means we are above the standard protocols verified by the industry which most baby monitor brands are complying with. The dual-layer security allows video and audio signals to transmit to only permitted monitor units, ensuring a private secure connection that only parents and permitted people can see and hear their babies.

The 5GenCare platform is also audited by third party security assessment companies that reviews our server, mobile apps, and firmware source codes to ensure that we meet and exceed the industry compliances and understand if there are any vulnerabilities that exists. 5GenCare also uses AWS in USA that not only provides reliable data storage but also provide utmost security and safety.

The latest addition into the platform's product is the patent-pending third-party notification access and rejection, users can share live video feed with their loved ones and also reject access if there’s any unwanted user entering the device, making it as an added level of security to all brands supported by 5GenCare.

Should you wish to know more about the brands powered by 5GenCare, please visit

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